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GAEU’s success is built on the dedicated work of many talented people. Providing value and ensuring success for our customers' projects is our common passion.

We are experts in the area of EU funding. We assist clients in all European countries.

GAEU Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence is a European landmark within EU grants and other public innovation funding. Our reference list is perhaps the longest in Europe (<3,000 clients) and contains some of the most successful and recognized innovation projetcs financed by the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument programme. 

We advise on how to derive maximum benefit from EU programmes and other funding opportunities in the process of company development. We have around 15 years’ experience in the field.

Every year a huge number of our clients implement EU-financed projects. The most popular areas of grant financing are technological investments, research and development (R&D) and market development within the industries ICT, Life Science and Cleantech. Both big and SME companies apply successfully for EU grants with our help.


By professional advisory services, we guide your company towards optimal sources of project financing and assess whether the project is competitive enough to be granted EU funding. The goal is to create a solid decision base before embarking on preparing the application form and, in this way, mitigate the customer’s risk. GAEU’s experts assess the competitiveness of the projects and, if needed, assist the client in developing a project idea into an eligible project proposal. 

GAEU provides a complete one-stop-shop solution package for the Clients, strething from the identification of the relevant grant via grant application and reporting to the coordination of the project:

  1. Identification of the optimal funding mechanisms. Assessment of the competitiveness of the project with the technical criteria applied in the chosen programme as the assessment base.
  2. Preparation of a competitive application form that stands out among competitors in terms of content, presentation of the objectives of the project and projected results. When possible, assistance in the on-going dialogue with grant agencies.
  3. Assistance and support in the project management and reporting phase. Supervision of the preparation of financial reports and progress reports. Assistance in the preparation of the final project report.

Our clients range from small companies to multinational company groups active within varying branches and industries. Satisfied customers are our greatest reward and motivation to get better at what we do. The advisory services are performed in accordance with the highest standards of the confidentiality of business information.