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GAEU Consulting has an extensive international network. In addition to good relations with business support agencies, customers, suppliers and other business stakeholders, we have engaged ourselves in a number of strategic partnerships.

The strategic partnerships include our involvement in different business events and provision of strategic consultancy services for each partner's member companies on issues related to EU grants and public funding.


Founders Alliance

Founders Alliance is a network of leading entrepreneurs. The core is the members, who receive space for contacts and new business relationships with other experienced entrepreneurs. Members exchange knowledge and are inspired to succeed in building profitable major international companies and exercising good entrepreneurship. Since the establishment, Founders Alliance has developed its membership base to include a large number of the most experienced company founders. Activities are organized in a corporate form and owned by experienced entrepreneurs, also highly committed contractor members. The owners devote an average of 40-100% of their dividends to promote entrepreneurship.




CONNECT is a non-profit organization established in 1999. The organization is member-owned and has a mission to stimulate development and growth in Sweden. CONNECT brings together entrepreneurs by building networks of growth companies, the established businesses, professional advisors, investors, students and researchers. The aim is to improve the conditions for sustainable growth and increased employment in Sweden. CONNECT is a part of the GLOBAL CONNECT, which operates in 21 other countries.



SwedenBIO is the national non-profit association for the life science industry in Sweden with mission of promoting an environment bringing success and growth to the entire Swedish Life Science Industry. SwedenBIO has nearly 200 members active within pharma, biotech, diagnostics and medtech and comprise the entire range from small start-ups, to SMEs and large enterprises. Many are engaged in research and development. Other members are experts in fields such as IP, law, finance, product development, life science communication and business development. 

Stockholm Science City Foundation 

Stockholm Science City Foundation (SSCi) aim to strengthen the attractive environment for life sciences in Stockholm. SSCi promote collaboration between the universities in Stockholm, industry and healthcare to foster development of socially beneficial and profitable innovations, products and services.

Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) is an association created by business people and entrepreneurs associated with Scandinavia. SPCC's head office is located in Warsaw, but the organization is active in the whole country. Since the beginning of 2015, SPCC has its regional office in Gdynia. Additionally, the Chamber has its representatives in Cracow and Szczecin, however SPCC is also active in Wroclaw and Poznan. 

Currently, SPCC brings together over390 members and is one of the largest bilateral chambers in Poland. Membership in the Chamber gives plenty of networking opportunities with an elite group of high-performing managers of Nordic companies and is also a good way of finding inspiration for everyone who would like to expand their business.


Stockholm chamber of commerce

The Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, founded 1902, promotes business-friendly policies and also arrange over 400 events per year for its members. The chamber influence policies in several fields; infrastructure, urbanization, international trade, education & innovation, business climate and real estate.