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By obtaining EU grants and other types of public funding to innovation projects, GAEU Consulting every year helps a huge number of growth companies to realize their business dreams. This important contribution makes every workday meaningful for us and our colleagues.

Our method to successfully excel in customer satisfaction year after year is to offer employees the opportunity to grow, to thrive and to work with growing innovative companies. Therefore, the most skilled business strategists and EU grant experts are attracted to GAEU Consulting. This, in turn, means that we can boast perhaps the the longest reference list when it comes to obtaining EU grants for European companies.

To succeed in obtaining EU grant to a project, you must have three things in place. Firstly, you must have a project that leads to real business benefits for your business. Then, you need to find the grant right in the jungle of different funding programmes. Once you have identified the correct grant, you will have to submit a written application and present the project idea in a sufficiently objective and selling way to win the evaluators' interest.

This is where GAEU Consulting comes in. In GAEU Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence, we have the expertise to determine whether your project meet the requirements of different programmes, we know where the relevant grant opportunities are available and we know what it takes to meet the evaluators’ wishes.

Our philosophy is to go beyond the clichés – we are a dynamic group of people that combine expertise in EU grants with excellent technological knowledge in strategic areas. We are aware of the fact that our clients need to compete with the best in Europe to build their long-term competitiveness. We are ready to help you with this.

At the same time, we are constantly looking for new talented employees who will share our philosophy of work and contribute to the development of GAEU Consulting on the European market.

Contact us and we will take the proper care of your project. All with the aim of you to become our next reference on this website. Welcome to GAEU Consulting!

Tomasz Wąsik,
CEO and Partner, GAEU Consulting Sp. z o.o. in Cracow

Roland Vilhelmsson, Partner and Chairman, GAEU Consulting Group