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GAEU Innovation Investments

GAEU Consulting invests its own funds in innovative small companies with great potential. The investments are organized in a separate business area - GAEU Innovation Investments.

A part of the surplus generated by our consulting business we invest in innovative companies. We are primarily interested in entrepreneurial companies developing breakthrough innovations with global potential in the areas of Cleantech, ICT and Life Science. We see our contribution to these companies as a combination between the ability to create value and the privilege of stimulating the development of new successful entrepreneurs.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our investments and our investment criteria.


AdCityMedia (ACM) is engaged in the advertising industry, and mainly focuses on advertising via its own digital displays and banners. At a time when ad- blocking services hampers visibility on the Internet, ACM is a leader in the growing niche of large format digital outdoor advertising. If you have seen a large monitor or a banner on a facade in a Swedish city center, it is most likely ACMs. Their leading position is largely obtained by being a company in the forefront of technology, digital innovation and attractive surfaces. The company is profitable and is growing steadily with an international breakthrough in sight. In 2015 the company was listed on Nasdaq First North stock market. 


BraceIT is an innovative startup that has developed ReVault, a unique and new type of wearable that gives you the convenience of a smartwatch and the security of local storage. With ReVault you get everything you would expect from a smartwatch, such as notifications, custom watch faces and native apps. On top of that you get the unique ability to store your files locally and access them wherever you go at the speed of a local network. With a ReVault you can always automatically access and instantly back-up your files (on smartphone, laptop, tablet) from anywhere, fast without a glitch, even without an Internet connection. The ReVault has been designed to be private, secure and protected. It functions entirely offline far out of the reach of crackers, governments and big corporations. Only trusted devices can connect to ReVault. The data stored on ReVault is encrypted.

Elbil2020 AB (E-car2020 Ltd.) facilitates the electrification of the vehicle fleet across all vehicle segments in Sweden. The company has established "Democity Stockholm" - the largest demonstration program for electric vehicles, with the purpose of increasing knowledge in how infrastructure can be designed in order to streamline the transport system and provide as many electric kilometers as possible at the expense of fossil fueled kilometers. Elbil2020 is a member of the innovation platform “ElectriCity” which is very active in the Urban Living Lab in the district Hammarby Seatown in Stockholm. GAEU Consulting is co-founder.



Gaia Tellus Energy AB develops an innovative technology for extraction of renewable energy from ocean currents intended for a global energy market. The technology enables the development of a commercially viable low cost method for offshore energy production and therefore has a disruptive effect on the market. GAEU Consulting is one of the “original twelve” owners.

Sustainable Energy Angels AB (SEA) is an angel investor venture, investing in promising young companies in the sustainable energy technology sector with ambitions to become market leaders. The partners are a unique mix of entrepreneurs, engineers and investors, all with extensive experience from both Swedish and international energy markets as well as business development. GAEU is a shareholder and has a representative in the Board.


Ferroamp AB is a multiple award-winning innovative company with cutting edge expertise in power electronics. The first fully developed product, EnergyHub ACE, is an energy optimizer that ensures that all phases of a three phase installation loads evenly and that the overall energy of the main fuse is utilized optimally. With EnergyHub ACE installed, the property's electrical system and network fee will always be the lowest possible.



dLaboratory Sweden AB´s unique concept for smart grids provides a safe, secure and cost-effective electricity supply. The concept consists of four parts: a) high quality recording of disturbances in the grid, b) correct and safe fault disconnection, including complex intermittent ground faults, c) unique analysis of the disturbances with a patented method and d) immediate and continuous reporting in a modern and easy to understand format on a platform of your choice – regardless of time and place. dLaboratory's system is used today by Swedish energy companies E.ON, Power ring and Öresund´s power. GAEU has invested both directly and through SEA. SEA has a representative in the Board.


SenseNode AB provides smart energy solutions. The company develops and supplies power management for industries and facilities. With the in-house developed system Smart Energy Tracking Technology™ (SEEN) installed in conjunction with wireless sensors, the customer gets back control of their energy bills and their energy consumption down to a very detailed level. 


Efficax AB offers innovative energy efficiency products that reduce environmental impacts and lowers cost for the individual household. Through its proprietary solar thermal technology Solar Flex, Efficax AB provides a profitable and environmentally friendly way to reduce a building's energy costs.