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EU funding: Sweden tops the European life science industry

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Hundreds of European life science companies were competing for the biotechnology and health related funding. The EU Commission has awarded almost the entire October 2016 cut-off budget, a total of EUR 6.4 million, to three Swedish life sciences companies: Corline Biomedical (EUR 2.4 million), SenzaGen (EUR 2.4 million) and Betagenon (EUR 1.8 million). The Polish-Swedish premier EU grant consultancy GAEU Consulting chiseled out all the winners.

Mr. Tomasz Wasik, head of GAEU Horizon 2020 Centre of Excellence:

“Our formula is to start up with an in-depth analysis to figure out if the company has a realistic chance of being a winner. If so, we put together a tailor-made team of experts with high commercial and academic acumen. The application is being produced in good partnerships with our customers. We only use our own personnel”.

Mrs. Anki Malmborg Hager, CEO SenzaGen:

”We will use the EU grant for the market launch of an innovative product with the potential to be fundamental to our long-term competitiveness. GAEU is an excellent Horizon 2020 advisor and long-term business partner”.

Mr. Henrik Nittmar, CEO Corline Biomedical:

“This is absolutely fantastic for Corline! The EU contribution will allow us to finance our entire clinical trial on Renaparin®. The outstanding evaluation-score the EU application got confirms the quality of GAEU ́s services”.

Mr. Thomas Edlund, CEO Betagenon:

“The EU contribution paves the way for our product to enter the market. GAEU Consulting advisors are top-notch, they have demonstrated great understanding of our drug candidate and commercial drivers on the drug market”.

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